Lindsay Adler's Fine Art Nude

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When it comes to photographing nudes, you must learn to master your tools and techniques as a photographer. Posing and lighting become paramount to your creative expression in order to flatter the nude form. 

In this 3+ hour tutorial Lindsay Adler walks you through the fundamentals of the core tools available to a fine art nude photographer. After a thorough exploration of these elements, Lindsay demonstrates how nudes become fine art nudes through a variety of creative techniques that you too can master!

3+ hours of training material!

- Communicating with and directing your subject

- Planning your shoots



- Lighting Essentials: How light and shadow shape the form

- 10 Go-to fine art nude lighting setups (including diagrams, discussion of what gear to use, and how to utilize the setups).


- Watch how all of the essential elements discussed before come together in the creation of a work of art. Lindsay discusses her thought process behind lighting, lens choice, angle, pose and much more.

The video is composed of 4 main sections; Intro, Posing, Lighting, and Creativity. 

- Posing fundamentals
- 5 Tips to Improve your Fine Art Nude posing
- 5 Fine Art Nude cautions

- 5 Go-To Poses



Q: Is this a physical item or a download?

A: This is a downloadable video that will be emailed to you immediately. 

Q: Can I put this on my iPhone/iPad etc?

A: The video format is .MP4 which is a format that can be used on a wide variety of platforms. 

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